At some events a DJ or master of ceremony is the right choice. "Ravenwood the studio" can provide a DJ/MC for dances, weddings, festivals, parties, you name it. With 20  years experience behind us we can make any event or party a success. See our DJ page.

Equipment rental

We offer full multi-track digital audio recording for  large size bands or solo artists. From live performance recordings to one track at a time song building, "Ravenwood the studio" has the all right  tools and friendly talent to do your project right.



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Different ways Ravenwood can help you


Rehearsal room

Some acts use "Ravenwood the studio" for rehearsal space. Set up with amps, guitars, drums, keyboards, and microphones, its easy to pop in for a full rehearsal. Perfect for groups on busy schedules. We take care of everything. You just plug & play & walk away.  

We also offer equipment to rent. P.A. systems, guitars, amps, drums, lights, DJ and karaoke set ups and more. ask us we might have it.

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The artists that use the "Ravenwood" facility are talented and friendly. They often share their skills, ideas, and experiences  as well as gig referrals with others working here. Session players are available here too.

DJ/ Karaoke

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We can help artists focus their ideas. Bring out the best in your music with our production skills in arrangements, recording techniques, vocal coaching, song crafting, even album & market imaging. At "Ravenwood the studio" we'll help you sound and look your best.