• 01 sugarplum 23:34

  • sunshine silver _ Val Pease4:13

  • 03 fire 33:19

Singer/songwriter Kendra Carroll is producing her songs  at ravenwood with the help of some of the regulars here.

  • enlace sample3:03

Val Pease & the Park bros.

Singer / songwriter Val Pease used Ravenwood to add friends like Eric Hill and Larry Park to his up coming album. Producer Cary Park engineered the tracks and returned them to L.A. where he produced the work.

Matt Rae's jazz quartet

Matt's group came in to track songs for their demo package

Eric Hill

Harmonica player / fluteist Eric Hill recorded " lock & load"  here. (a song he wrote for the jeepers jamboree.)


A fresh young group of rockers, "Jaxx" stopped in to track a few of their new tunes.

Jeff Summers

Charismatic singer / songwriter Jeff  summers will use ravenwood to work up new material. .

The medelers                                                                                                       

Mo Devine & Coffee Dan

Two bluesmen with a load of soul, Mo and Coffee come here to work out arrangements for coming shows.


Classic rock band "Relic" uses the facilities here at Ravenwood to rehearse their rock show.

Grace Hegy

To demo her worship compositions and arrangements on her web site, Grace is recording them here at Ravenwood then mixing them at her home DAW.

The Shadow Coalition

The "Shadows" are in album / road show production at Ravenwood the studio.

 Kendra Carroll  


A "Dead like" jam band, the Slavegirls are at work at Ravenwood recording their original music.


A Mexican style dance/ party band, "Enlace" recorded their show in a live studio session.

Fred and Cheryl Kent of "Hickory wind" have recorded their promotional EP here at Ravenwood the studio as well as many tracks for their  LP.

Ravenwood the studio

Project list


Tom, Cindy and George of Sugarplum are busy at Ravenwood the studio recornind vocals and instruments for their coming new album "Hello from the moon"


Hickory wind

  • 06 what i like about you3:05

  • 03 recycle4:57

  • 01 medelers4:25

  • 09 fly to me3:56

A smooth jazzy rock group the Medelers recorded a quick demo for their marketing package

  • 01 long distance romance3:24

coming soon..The Aventadors

Charley Criddle

Drummer Charley Criddle will use "Ravenwood the studio" to rehearse his projects. Charley also enjoys our inventory of drum kits to accommodate  at his many nor-cal performances. He  was instrumental in building our beautiful studio set.

  • 06 hummingbird4:36

  • the sea of galilee _ grace hegy5:16

coming soon ..Tamera Godey