A custom bid is available for any project

                                 Just give us a "CAW".

D.J. service : $650. 00

This is up to 6  hours of service at one location.

Package #3 : $450.00 (promo kit)

This is a 1 day (8 hour) recording for demos,  plus a studio photo shoot and scripted print ready bio for working bands

            fawjames@aol.com   or  (530)626-6274

At Ravenwood the Studio our goal is to produce your music, not capitalize on it.

We have a base hourly rate that applies when its appropriate and  package deals designed to make your project affordable.       These are 2018 introductory rates though we will offer them as long as we can afford to. Reserve now and lock in the great prices.

 We want you to be successful and know you need demos to compete. we'll work it out with you and help get you started with what you need. We can make your demos, write your bios, take your photos, giveing you the tools you need to sell yourself .Musicians helping musicians be better musicians.  "Just give us a caw"

Package #1 : $165.00

This is a 4 hour block with all studio privileges .

Package #2 : $325.00

This is a 8 our block with all studio privileges.

Base hourly rate : $45.00

This rate covers all studio privileges ( including a qualified engineer).


rehearsal room : $30.00

This is a 2 hour block with full studio privileges  but no engineer.

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